Android Apps 


Android applications I made are

  1. RF & Microwave Toolbox
  2. Analog Toolbox
  3. PCB Trace calculator
  4. PCB Thermal calculator
  5. Resistor Color Code calculator
  6. Resistor SMD code calculator
  7. LED resistor calculator
  8. Ohm's Law calculator
  9. Windturbine Estimator



screen1 4_7inch screen1 4inch main 4inch
main 4inch

resistor color_code

screen1 4inch_new
screen1  main screen_4inch


The RF & Microwave Toolbox containts the tools of the Electronic Toolbox plus the microwave tools.
So if you buy the RF & Microwave Toolbox you have all the tools I have made so far.
Over time I will be adding more tools to the applications.


The apps can be download at the android market place:

Please let me know if there are electronic and rf & microwave related tools that you would like to be added. 

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