Feature overview of RF & Microwave Toolbox:

This app contains the following tools cq calculators.

  1. Noise floor (Kelvin,dBm) 
  2. Amplifier cascade (NF, Gain, P1db, OIP2, OIP3)  
  3. Radar equation (2-way path loss) 
  4. Radio equation  (1-way path loss) 
  5. Power and voltage converter (W,dBm,V,dBµV) 
  6. Field intensity and power density converter (W/m2, V/m, A/m, Tesla, Gauss,dBm, W) 
  7. Mismatch error limits  (VSWR, Return loss) 
  8. Reflectometer (VSWR, Return loss) 
  9. Mitered Bend 
  10. Divider and Couplers (Wilkinson, Rat race, Branchline , microstrip and lumped) 
  11. Balanced and und balanced PI and T attenuator 
  12. Skin depth (DC and AC resistance) 
  13. PCB Trace calculator (impedance/dimensions)
    - Microstrip- Stripline
    - Coplanar waveguide
    - Coupled microstrip
    - Coupled stripline 
  14. Image rejection (amplitude and phase imbalance) 
  15. Mixer harmonics (up and down convertion) 
  16. Helical antenna 
  17. Peak to RMS (peak, RMS, average, CF) 
  18. Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator
  19. Parallel plate Capacitor 
  20. PI and T attenuator 
  21. Ohm's Law Parallel
  22. LCR impedance/resonance 
  23. Series LCR impedance/resonance 
  24. Inductor impedance 
  25. Capacitance impedance 
  26. Antenna temperature (Kelvin) 
  27. Radar Cross Section (RCS) calculator (Sphere,Cylinder, flat plate, corners, dBsm) 
  28. Noise Figure Y-Factor Methode 
  29. EMC  (EIRP, ERP, dBµV/m) 
  30. Noise figure converter (dB, linear, Kelvin) 
  31. Frequency Band Designations (IEEE Radar band, Military Radar band, Radio band, Satellite, Wavefuide band) 
  32. Resistor color code (reverse lookup, 3 to 6 band) 
  33. Filter Design (Butterworth, Chebyshev, prototype):
    - Low pass- High pass filter
    - Band pass
    - Band stop filter 
  34. µ-Filter Design (microstrip, stripline):
    - Interchange of Circuits
    - Kuroda's Identities
    - Series and Shunt Circuit lines
    - Coupled line Circuits
    - Stepped Impedance  
  35. Trace Width and Clearance Calculator
    Calculation of minimal trace width for a maximum current value.Calculation of minmal clearance for a maximum voltage.Also the voltage drop, resistance and power loss is calculated
  36. Series and Parallel component (R, L and C) calculations
  37. Reverse Series and Parallel resistor calculations
  38. Inductor Color Code Calculator 
  39. Capacitor Charge Calculator
  40. Led Resistor Calculator
  41. Voltage Divider Calculator
  42. Thin Film Resistor Calculator 
  43. Opamp Calculator
  44. Lumped Balun Calculator
  45. Wavelength calculator
  46. L-Network Matching Calculator
  47. LCR Parallel - Series Conversion Calculator
  48. PI & T-Network Matching Calculator
  49. Coax Line Calculator
  50. Twisted pair Calculator
  51. Lumped-Distributed Equivalences calculator
  52. Fresnel Calculator
  53. Inductor Charge Calculator.
  54. Heat Sink temperature calculator
  55. Thermal via calculator
  56. Coupler directivity calculator
  57. Cavity resonance calculator
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